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PredPol Hires New CEO – Continues Scaling

PredPol has hired a new CEO! Here is the article from Santa Cruz Tech Beat about the hiring.

Richmond Police Use PredPol to Prevent Crime

Below is an article from the Richmond Confidential - shared by SFGate Blog:

Government Technology Magazine Features PredPol Deployment in Tacoma

The most recent issue of Government Technology Magazine highlighted the success of PredPol's predictive policing software in deployments in Tacoma, Washington and Santa Cruz, CA. The article, Predicting the Epicenter of Crime: Analytics Tool Cuts Crime Rates, explained how PredPol works and how it is being deployed in the field. Here is the...

PredPol Featured on AJAM's TechKnow Show

On this week’s TechKnow, Crystal Dilworth treks to Santa Cruz, Calif., and Seattle to investigate how their police departments are utilizing predictive policing software to anticipate crimes before they are committed.

Santa Cruz PD's PredPol adds tool for cops, neighbors

Posted on Aug 14, 2013 8:53:07 PM in Chief Kevin Vogel, Deputy Chief Steve Clark, PredPol, Santa Cruz Police

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel - Aug. 14:

Santa Cruz Police Join International PredPol Day of Action

Posted on Aug 13, 2013 10:27:33 AM in Deputy Chief Steve Clark, PredPol, Santa Cruz Police

On Wednesday August 14, the Santa Cruz Police Department will join with numerous other PredPol communities on the International PredPol Day of Action. The plan is to get as much positive and healthy activity and presence in each of the PredPol zones.  To accomplish this, departments are teaming with our public safety partners and community groups...

PredPol to Join LAPD at Foothill Crimefighter's Conference

PredPol will join with Los Angeles Police, representatives from Santa Cruz Police and mathematicians from UCLA and UC Irvine at the Foothill Crimefighter's Conference on February 5th. Experts will demonstrate predictive policing and forecasting technology and bring together analysts, officers and others to review what has worked in the last year...


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