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PredPol Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Technology to Predict Gun Violence

PredPol, the Predictive Policing Company, has developed and is deploying first-of-its-kind technology to help police predict and deter gun violence.

Harvard Data-Smart City Solutions Features PredPol

Dr. George Mohler, the developer of the PredPol algorithm was featured in a story about using data in policing. The article ran in Data-Smart City Solutions - a Harvard Kennedy School initiative.

Santa Clara Newspaper Features PredPol

From The Santa Clara newspaper...

PredPol on Cover of Law Enforcement Technology Magazine

The January, 2013 cover story in Law Enforcement Technology Magazine is a feature on PredPol and the success of the program in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles. For the entire article click here. Below we've included some excerpts of the article written by Ronnie Garrett.

The Creation of PredPol: The Predictive Policing Company

About one year after the Santa Cruz Police Department piloted a new beta predictive policing software developed by a team of mathematicians, the company PredPol was formed to meet the demand from law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Today we sat down with company CEO Caleb Baskin, a managing partner of a law firm and one of the...

PredPol Algorithm Credited for Reduced Crime

It looks like an algorithm from startup PredPol is successfully reducing crime, we learn in “ L.A. Cops Embrace Crime-Predicting Algorithm” at MIT’s Technology Review. The analysis software, previously tested in Santa Cruz, CA, was recently used in a Los Angeles precinct, and officials were pleased with the results.

Agence France-Presse Features PredPol

Crime fighters have long used brains and brawn, but now a new kind of technology known as "predictive policing" promises to make them more efficient.


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