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April Feature Spotlight: Missions

Welcome to the first post in our new feature spotlight blog series! Each post will include a brief overview of a specific PredPol feature. We will cover the benefits of using the feature and how it works. This month we'll take a look at "Missions."

What is a Mission:

  • A Mission is simply a collection of crime types that is used for predictions. For example, a Vehicle Crimes Mission might contain both Vehicle Burglary and Motor Vehicle Theft. 
The benefits of using Missions:
  • Missions drive everything from predictions to map layers. They're highly functional and can be customized by patrol area, day of week, and shift. This flexibility gives Command Staff the ability to target a very specific set of crimes at a highly granular level.
  • Missions can vary over time, depending on the types of crimes the department wants to focus on. Mission assignments are generally guided by command staff and crime analysts.
How to set up Missions:
  • Navigate to Missions under the Manage tab:

Navigate to Missions

  • Title the Mission anything you want and select whichever crimes you want to be part of that Mission.

Select crimes

  • Apply the new Mission to whichever Patrol Area, Day, Shift combination you want.

Missions Schedule

  • You can also copy the Mission and apply it to any additional patrol areas you wish. Navigate to the upper right hand corner, click Copy Schedule and choose your patrol area.

Copy Missions Schedule

That's it! You can now change predictions, view crime trends, and add map layering all based upon the new Mission.

To learn more about Missions or another PredPol feature:

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