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Are Your Recruiting and Retention Strategies Working for You?

 As the job of law enforcement officers becomes increasingly complex, the adoption of emerging technology is essential to not only effectively delivering police services in an equitable and efficient manner, but in recruiting and retaining Millennial officers - especially since they make up a significant percentage of potential police employment candidates nationwide. As Baby Boomer officers are retiring, many agencies have found it difficult to attract and keep Millennial officers. The traditional way of recruiting doesn't necessarily work for this generation. Departments are finding that they are having to adapt to the changing values and practices of this younger generation.

Millennials grew up with technology at their fingertips; as a result they expect technology to play a key role in any job they do. Offering the chance to use state-of-the-art technology is an attractive incentive for this generation. PredPol is at the forefront of public safety technology. From automating patrol missions and providing daily feedback on crime and patrol stats, to using artificial intelligence to predict when and where specific crimes will happen, we are constantly updating and releasing new features to stay one step ahead of emerging law enforcement technology trends.

How can PredPol be used to recruit and retain Millennial officers?

  • We provide you with a way to market your agency as an up-to-date, tech-forward environment to work in.
  • We help to influence job satisfaction by showing officers the positive impact they have on crime reduction and the community they serve therefore, providing the sense of purpose and belonging that appeals to the Millennial generation.
  • We NEVER use Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the calculation of our predictions to ensure that we are protecting the privacy and civil rights of the residents of our communities. This speaks to this generation's sense of social justice and meets their ethical standards.
  • Our analytics and reporting tools allows command officers to provide daily feedback on performance, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Studies have shown that Millennials are motivated by more feedback in their jobs. By providing senior officers with a way to show them what they've done right and how to improve, PredPol can keep this generation of officers motivated and satisfied.

Millennials will be a great asset to law enforcement agencies. However, to attract and retain Millennial officers, departments need to re-examine traditional recruitment strategies, encourage collaboration, and invest in technology. These adjustments shouldn’t be viewed as a nuisance, but rather, as a valuable investment in the future of your department.

Still not convinced we can help you recruit? 

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