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August Feature Spotlight: Daily Patrols Report

Welcome to our feature spotlight blog series! Each post will include a brief overview of a specific PredPol feature. We will cover the benefits of using the feature and how it works. This month we'll take a look at Daily Patrols Report. If you would like to see last month's feature spotlight on the Map Layers, click here.

Daily Patrols Report:

What is the Daily Patrols Report?

  • The Daily Patrols Report is a great way to operationalize the PredPol platform via directed patrol operations; this is where the “rubber hits the road”.
What are the benefits of using the Daily Patrols Report?
  • The Daily Patrols Report gives command staff the ability to easily operationalize the PredPol predictions. Moreover, it gives patrol officers guidance on where to most effectively spend their discretionary patrol time. This feature is all about directing patrol operations.  

How to use the Daily Patrols Report:

  • Navigate to the Daily Patrols located under the Predictions tab:


  • The report will look something like this:


  • This report highlights the highest risk locations for crimes associated with the specific mission during this shift. 
  • As with all PredPol features, you can drill down on the patrol area, date, and/or shift.


  • Operationally, you can download the report and hand out a hard copy at roll call or start of shift. Some of our police partners even use a 10-code to indicate to dispatch when they’ve entered a PredPol box.


  • Remember, the crime incidents predicted in these reports are based on the crime types associated with the mission for that shift. 
  • That's it! You can now easily get PredPol predictions into the hands of your patrol officers.

If you would like to learn more about the Daily Patrols Report or any other feature:

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