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Caliber is Excited to Announce its Partnership with PredPol, Inc.

The press release below was originally published by Caliber Public Safety Group on Thursday, October 25th 2018. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of response.
Caliber is excited to announce its partnership with PredPol, Inc., the predictive policing

October 2018

Smart law enforcement agencies across North America are putting the processing, pattern
recognition and planning power of AI in their proverbial pockets.
Serving up data from Caliber’s industry-leading Online Records Management System (RMS),
PredPol helps law enforcement to plan patrol routes and create missions to increase the
likelihood that their resources are in the right place at the right time in order to deter crime and
reduce victimization.

The partnership combines rich crime and public record data sets made up of crime and
victimization location, frequency, and times with a dynamic portable digital project management
display solution. Burglaries, traffic accidents, gun violence, drug overdoses and many other
events are deterrable. When law enforcement knows where they tend to occur, they can deploy
their limited resources strategically.

PredPol believes it's as important to protect privacy and civil rights as it is to prevent crime.
They calculate three anonymized data points – crime type, crime location and crime date/time in
their predictions. Period. It's also worth remembering that people have cognitive biases.
Algorithms don’t.

“PredPol is excited to work with Caliber to deliver our predictive policing solution to their client
agencies,” said Brian MacDonald, CEO of PredPol. “Our close integration with the Caliber
platform allows departments to see the benefits of data-directed patrol quickly and with minimal

“Caliber’s partnership with PredPol provides our agencies with predictive policing data when
and where they need it. We’re thrilled about the partnership and the ability to extend the breadth
of data we have been delivering through our OnLine RMS solution by adding the analytical
predictive policing information delivered through PredPol,” said Blair Robinson, EVP for Caliber
Public Safety.

“Our partnership with Caliber Public Safety for our CAD, RMS, and JMS solutions have
proved to be an absolute benefit in fighting crime in our community. With the integration
of PredPol as a crime analytical tool, we have been able to predict and head off crime
while at the same time collecting valuable data from every aspect of my day to day

Sheriff Mike Nielsen
Boone County Sheriff's Office

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Caliber uses information to increase public safety by improving situational awareness, officer
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