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Feature Spotlight: NEW! Custom Boxes

This month we are pleased to announce our newest feature, Custom Boxes!

With Custom Boxes you can now set your own geo-fenced patrol areas in addition to PredPol’s prediction boxes. Custom Boxes can be used when you have a particular area that has been identified by analysts or command staff as needing additional attention. They are also useful when occasional events come to town, such as concerts, parades, sporting events or other non-routine activities. If you have AVL enabled, you can use the dosage feature to ensure that your custom boxes have been visited by your patrol officers.

To access the custom boxes feature within the app, navigate over to the bar shown below which is located on the left side of the interface and click on the top button to activate custom boxes:

Custom Boxes 1

This will bring up a table across the bottom of the screen with a listing of your current custom boxes for this patrol area/shift/mission combination, as well as controls that allow you to manipulate what you see on the map:

Custom Boxes 2

The buttons in the Actions column at the end of each row can be used to edit each custom box or to locate the box on the map, respectively:

Custom Boxes 3

When you edit a custom box you can enter additional information in the notes field, or schedule an expiration date for the box:

Custom Boxes 4


To add new custom boxes simply click on the Add Boxes button, pictured below.

Custom Boxes 5

When you click the Add Boxes button, the grid of possible locations for your custom box will show up on the map. Click on individual grid cells to mark them as a custom box:

Custom Boxes 6

When you’ve finished making your box selections, click on the Save Boxes button in the table at the bottom. If you want to discard your changes, click Back to List:

Custom Boxes 7 Custom boxes show up as blue boxes on the map:

Custom Boxes 8

If a custom box and a regular PredPol prediction box show up in the same location, a “+” icon will appear, as shown below:

Custom Boxes 9Click on the "+" icon to bring up a menu letting you decide if you want to see the details of the PredPol prediction box (red) or the custom box (blue).

Custom Boxes 10

You can now customize your PredPol experience to include your own patrol boxes, helping your agency to optimize patrol operations even further.

If you would like to learn more about this feature or any other PredPol feature:

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