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May Feature Spotlight: Search Crimes

Welcome to our feature spotlight blog series! Each post will include a brief overview of a specific PredPol feature. We will cover the benefits of using the feature and how it works. This month we'll take a look at "Search Crimes". If you would like to see last month's feature spotlight on "Missions", click here.

Search Crimes:

What is the Search Crimes feature:

  • PredPol provides tools for managing patrol operations and reporting based on advanced crime analytics. The Search Crimes feature maps historical crime to help you get a pulse on emerging crime trends.
The benefits of using Search Crimes:
  • The Search Crimes feature gives you valuable insight into how to allocate your resources more effectively, based on crime history. This feature also gives you crime data at the click of a button in a format that’s easy to export for analysis and/or reporting.   
How to use Search Crimes:
  • Navigate to Search Crimes under the Analytics tab:

Search Crimes 1

  • Select a custom time range or one of our preset time ranges (Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, or Year to Date).
  • Select any combination of Crime Type, District, or Shift.
  • You can also search by Violation Code, Description, Address, or Docket Number (Hint: You can also search by partial values!)

search crimes 2

    • You can choose to view all crimes, just crimes used in PredPol predictions, or just crimes excluded from PredPol predictions.
Search crimes 3
  • You can also search the data table for crime records by Crime Type, Docket Number, Address, Violation Code, Begin Time, Excluded, or Reason Excluded.

search crimes 4

  • You can also easily export the data to either CSV or PDF.
That's it! You can now easily map crime history across your community.

To learn more about Search Crimes or another PredPol feature:

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