PredPol/Geolitica will be shutting down operations on December 31, 2023. SoundThinking (formerly ShotSpotter) has purchased key assets of the company and can transition current customers to a similar solution, ResourceRouter. More information is available here.

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Microsoft and PredPol showcase cloud-enabled solutions for law enforcement at IACP 2016

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Monday at the 123rd annual International Association of Chiefs of Police conference and exposition in San Diego, Microsoft Corp. and its partners showcased innovative solutions that demonstrate how the cloud and modern Windows devices are transforming the way law enforcement engages with citizens, improves communities and enables more effective first response.

Predictive policing solution provider PredPol chose Azure Government for its high level of compliance, security and exceptional support of international customers that require local datacenters. PredPol's cloud-based solution uses a unique algorithm to predict places and times where crimes are most likely to occur, based on criminal behavior patterns and three key historical data points: type of crime, place of crime, and date and time of crime. PredPol maps are automatically generated for each police shift to help officers focus on areas where they have the best opportunities to prevent crimes from occurring. Officers in departments around the world are using PredPol to help prevent crime, in some cases reducing targeted crimes by double-digit percentages.

At IACP, PredPol announced that the Mountain View Police Department has deployed the solution on the Azure Government cloud platform. "We chose PredPol and the Azure Government cloud platform because of PredPol's proven results and Microsoft's long track record supporting secure solutions for law enforcement," said Max Bosel, chief of police of the Mountain View Police Department in California. "We are confident that meeting future policy requirements will be seamless."