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NEW Feature Spotlight: Dosage Flags

This month PredPol has a couple of new feature updates, making our patrol operations management features more robust! We now provide dosage flags giving you a quick and easy way to see if your PredPol boxes have been dosed during a given shift. You also now have the ability to toggle between today and yesterday's prediction boxes on the main map.

Dosage Flags

If you have your AVL system integrated with PredPol, boxes on the map will now update with a yellow or green check marks to reflect how much they have been dosed. No checkmark means the box has yet to be visited, yellow means it has been visited at least once, and green means that enough time has been spent in that box for the current shift.

Dosage flag 1


You now have the ability to toggle between seeing boxes for today’s shifts vs. yesterday’s shifts on the main map interface. The shift indicator has been updated to show whether you’re seeing boxes for the shift starting today, or yesterday , as displayed below:

Dosage flag 2

Click on the dotted underline text to flip between today and yesterday.

Dosage flag 3

This lets you see the boxes for a shift that has just ended. Combined with dosage flags, you can quickly determine if all of the recommended areas were dosed at the end of a shift.

Please note: “today” and “yesterday” refer to the date that the shift started. If you have a shift that spans midnight, then in the early morning hours at the end of the shift you will be seeing “yesterday’s” shift.

These new features will allow command staff to have more insight into where their patrol officers are going during their given shifts and if they have been dosing the prediction boxes for the appropriate amount of time. This information helps command staff to optimize their patrol operations and to provide real-time visibility into officer performance during their shift. 

If you have any questions about these new feature updates or want to learn more about another PredPol feature:

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