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NEW Feature Spotlight: HOT List

Posted on Sep 15, 2020 2:24:54 PM

We're excited to announce the release of the newest addition to the Predpol platform, the Hot List! We know that in the age of COVID it's not always easy to have all of your officers in one place at one time to review pertinent information, so we came up with the Hot List feature. The Hot List is a tool for sharing the highest priority items across your department. The Hot List can be used for roll call or just as a departmental bulletin board. It provides a list of items that can be ordered to group items by subject or priority. It can be used to provide a simple one-line item, but also provides a text editor to add more information to each item if necessary. Items can be printed individually, or the entire list can be printed.

This feature is available on our standard PredPol platform as well on the new Predictionless PredPol, where you can set your own patrol areas.

Here some things you can put into your Hot List:

  • BOLOs - Amber Alerts - Silver Alerts
  • Scheduled training and inspections
  • Watch orders
  • Road closures
  • Upcoming events (sports, parades, demonstrations)
  • Administrative or process changes
  • Changes to the law.

Why is the Hot List important?

This tool is used to help increase interdepartmental transparency and accountability. This is just another way for each department to ensure that all officers are on the same page, allowing your department to work in the most efficient way possible. Patrol officers now have a way to easily access information that can help to structure their time out on the street in a way that makes them more effective and allows command officers to measure their performance.

How to view the Hot List: To access the list, click the Hot List icon from the left side panel. Once opened, the list is displayed. Each item displays its title and up to two lines of the additional text if it is available. Only the title is shown for items without any additional text.



If an item has details associated with it, the details view can be shown by clicking the the item in the list.


Editing the Hot List: To add a new item to the list, enter the title of the new item in the box and click "Save". From the list, items can be edited by clicking the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of each icon's box. Items can also be edited by clicking the "Edit" button from the details view. Items can be reordered by dragging them to the desired position in the list.


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