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NEW Feature Spotlight: Interactive Map - Points of Interest Search & More!

This month PredPol has made several exciting new updates to our Patrol Operations Management solution! You are now able to display specific points of interest (like ATMs or liquor stores) on the map, alongside our other features. The Patrol Area selector has been redesigned for an improved user experience and we've improved the Event History feature to allow you to search by time of day as well as day of week

Search for and Display Points of Interest

We have added a search box to the main map interface to show points of interest on our maps. Whether these points of interest are ATMS, tattoo parlors, liquor stores, etc. you can now easily see where they are on the map. Not only that, but you can overlay these points of interest with both PredPol and custom prediction boxes.


All you have to do is type in the specific point of interest you want displayed and places of that type will appear on the map:


The map above is displaying custom prediction boxes alongside ATM locations.

If you want to see another specific point of interest, type that in the search bar, hit enter and another set of results will appear on the map at the same time. Click on “Clear Results” to clear all searches off the map.


The map above is displaying searches for both ATMs and grocery stores.

Patrol Area Dropdown

The Patrol Area selector on the main map page has been redesigned into a dropdown selector. Aside from giving a more compact, cleaner look, having it open doesn’t inhibit you from zooming the map or adding custom boxes anymore.

Patrol Area Dropdown 1

Event History

The Event History has been completely redesigned! To access the new event filter, click on the funnel icon on the left side of the main map interface.

Event History 1-1

Once you click this button, the Event History shows up:

Event History 2

By default the controls are set to show the last 7 days worth of incident history for the given shift and mission, but you can now manually select which crime types, days of the week, and hours of the day that you want to look at. This allows you to see all event history information in one place at the same time.

None of these controls will change the boxes on the map. If you need to see boxes for a different set of crime types, use our Map Layers feature.

PredPol will continue to improve upon our Patrol Operations Management solution. Our mission is to help you implement a culture in your department that is accountable and transparent, using effective patrol strategies based on predictive policingWith PredPol, you can optimize the time and resources that you have available to you.  

To learn more about these new features or if you have any questions about our solution:

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