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NEW Feature Spotlight - Mission Calendars

This month PredPol released a new update to our Patrol Operations Management solution! You are now able to have an overview of all scheduled missions! Our Missions feature now shows the scheduled patrol missions by shift in an easy-to-digest calendar view by month. You can see two years of missions history by month as well.

Having the ability to view past missions by month and by shift shows you which missions were scheduled when and allows you to review how well those missions were covered by patrol. This can help to optimize future patrol operations and keep mission planning organized and efficient.

To access this feature, Select Analytics at the top left of the interactive page then click on Mission in the dropdown. Once you get to the Missions page you will see a month selector in the upper left, a patrol area selector in the middle, and shift legends in the upper right. Missions opens to the current month. To go back a month use the arrows in the upper left corner. You can also change the month by dragging the timeline slider at the top of the page. Using the TODAY button re-selects this month.

Click on a shift's patrol mission to reveal the Mission details (shown below). A link at the bottom of the Mission detail opens the analytics overview for the selected patrol area, shift and mission.

Missions History

PredPol will continue to improve upon our Patrol Operations Management solution. Our mission is to help you implement a culture in your department that is accountable and transparent, using effective patrol strategies based on proactive policing techniquesWith PredPol, you can optimize the time and resources that you have available to you.  

To learn more about this new feature or if you have any questions about our solution:

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