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NEW Feature Spotlight: Patrol Status

This month we are pleased to announce our newest feature, Patrol Status!

Patrol Status is a new way of visualizing past and present officer locations for each shift. Patrol Status replaces and enhances the Layer > Vehicle Locations feature. Using vehicle GPS/AVL we can now show you the exact route your officers take while out on patrol. This will allow command staff to have more insight into patrol operations for each shift, making it easier to see where their officers are patrolling in between calls for service. Proactive patrol, enabled by PredPol's patented prediction boxes, gets your officers into the right places at the right times to help deter crime.

To access this new feature, simply log into your PredPol account and click the badge icon on the left side of the map:


Clicking the icon brings up the main Patrol Status window:


The top part of the Patrol Status window shows aggregate dosage for both PredPol prediction boxes and our new Custom boxes, including total visits. (If your department is not using our Custom boxes feature, that section will be omitted.)


Below the aggregate dosage, a list of devices shows up. For each device, you can see how many visits and how long they spent driving through both PredPol prediction and Custom boxes (if applicable). This list can be sorted according to a variety of attributes using the dropdown menu at the top.


On the map, the blue dots represent the most recently reported location for each vehicle for the given shift:


Each vehicle has a set of controls, (circled in red below) associated with it:


The buttons, in order from left to right, are:

  • Magnifying glass icon - Center on map: centers and zooms the map to the vehicle’s location
  • Ellipses icon - Show path: shows or hides the path of the vehicle during the given shift
  • Dark solid line icon - Toggle path lines: shows or hides the lines connecting the dots representing the history of locations for that particular vehicle (helps improve vehicle path visibility)
  • Colored dot icon - Path color: choose the color to represent this vehicle's path on the map
  • Play icon - This button will start/pause automatic playback of where the vehicle went during the shift
  • The slider to the right of these buttons allows fine-grained control to show the vehicle path up to a particular timestamp. A typical vehicle path will look something like this:


Also note that Patrol Status will automatically refresh the vehicle locations on the map as well as the aggregate dosage values in the Patrol Status window itself.

You can now have more granular and immediate insight into what your officers are doing while out on patrol, and use that information to improve patrol operations!

If you would like to learn more about this feature or any other PredPol feature:

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