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Newest PredPol Features Improve Insight, Save Time & Maximize Resources

From its creation, PredPol has relied on the input of patrol officers, command staff, and crime analysts to design its platform and features. 

Predpol is a force-multiplying tool that augments the insights of crime analysts and patrol officers. PredPol has been deployed in over 50 law enforcement agencies of varying sizes, populations, and international locations. Our technology complements existing systems and allows more time for analysts to conduct the analysis and intelligence work for which they are trained. 

We work extensively with our customers to develop and review new features. We're happy to announce some new ones here that leverage the AVL/GPS data that many of our customers provide us.


Our new dosage meter displays the amount of time an officer spends inside PredPol boxes during a shift in relation to the ideal amount of time an officer should be spending inside the boxes. Based on extensive review of real-world data from our customers, our recommendation is for officers to spend between 5 and 15% of of their patrol time in PredPol boxes. That averages out out to about 6 minutes per hour.

PredPol lets you see if your officers are hitting these targets. Of course, on a busy shift, they may be too busy to get to all of their boxes. The goal is to get to that 5-15% range over time, across all officers and all shifts. Our patented dosage tracking tool lets you quickly see how you're doing against these recommended targets, and allows you to figure out where to direct more of your resources. It also allows you to see who your top performers are!


You can compare doage times for each patrol officer in our new easy-to-digest dosage chart. 



We've reconfigured our Missions page so that you can edit or change missions easily, giving you flexibility to assign your resources to target specific crime types as required. We now give you an overview of the entire week, allowing you to manage your missions more efficiently.



Our new and improved GPS feature gives you the option to see each patrol car path in real time. It also shows you how long a patrol car has spent inside each PredPol box, all in the same view.


 Learn more about how these features and more can help your agency reduce crime while saving time and resources.

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