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PredPol’s Advanced Predictive Policing Technology Now Available to Corporate Customers

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The use of big data and artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way law enforcement operations are conducted around the world. Now, for the first time, PredPol, the leader in predictive policing, is bringing its police-tested technologies to the private sector.

Corporate and private security companies have responsibilities much like law enforcement: officers have the dual responsibility of responding to incidents and proactively patrolling within their area of operation. In the case of corporate and private security, however, the emphasis is primarily on patrol and prevention.

PredPol supports the patrol and operations management activities that are core to the private security function. With our patented machine learning algorithm, you can predict where and when specific events are most likely to occur. PredPol has successfully predicted everything from burglaries to medical events and even traffic collisions.

Using just 3 data points – event type, event location, and event date/time – PredPol can use your historical data to train our algorithm to predict future adverse events. Since we never use any demographic or personally identifiable information, there is no potential for infringement of privacy or civil rights, a concern often voiced at the application of this technology. We can use your internal event data and supplement it with open-source crime data where available.

PredPol securely delivers its patrol recommendations via a web interface to any internet-connected device: computers, smartphones, or mobile data terminals. Officers get a set of targeted areas, represented as red boxes on a Google Maps interface, to patrol during their shift. If you use GPS in your operations, PredPol can provide insight into patrol compliance, give visibility into patrol routes, and create patrol heatmaps as well.

Patrol Heat Map

Our analytics module provides CompStat-like features that summarize event and operations data for internal management and external reporting. You can search and sort by event type, beat, shift, date and other options – all through a point-and-click menu. And since we believe that your data should always be easily accessible, we let you easily export reports as PDFs or into CSV files. 

Contact us so that you can see how to:

  • Identify the highest-risk locations and times for specific event types in your corporate campus or area of operations – by time of day and by patrol beat
  • Use that intelligence to have your officers patrol proactively instead of reactively
  • Set up missions to maximize officer effectiveness and minimize response times for your organization.

Click the link below for a demo and a complimentary data/event analysis. 

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PredPol has experience working with law enforcement agencies, large and small, on three continents. Our law enforcement clients include agencies such as LAPD and the Orange County (FL) Sheriff’s Department.