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Open Up Your Own Data With PredPol's NEW APIs

PredPol recently released our developer APIs and we’re very excited about it. API is a computer-speak acronym that means “application program interface.” In layman’s terms, an API is a software service that lets different applications share data with each other securely. This is a major step for PredPol as we evolve into becoming a broad law...

Feature Spotlight: NEW! Custom Boxes

This month we are pleased to announce our newest feature, Custom Boxes!

The 5 Data Points that PredPol Uses From Your Agency's Records Management System (RMS)

May Feature Spotlight: Search Crimes

Welcome to our feature spotlight blog series! Each post will include a brief overview of a specificPredPolfeature. We will cover the benefits of using the feature and how it works. This month we'll take a look at "Search Crimes". If you would like to see last month's feature spotlight on "Missions", click here.

PredPol's Newest Features - Analytics, Reporting & More!

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and product. Here’s a rundown of all the changes we’ve made in an effort to give you, our police and security partners, a better PredPol experience.

PredPol’s Advanced Predictive Policing Technology Now Available to Corporate Customers

The use of big data and artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way law enforcement operations are conducted around the world. Now, for the first time, PredPol, the leader in predictive policing, is bringing its police-tested technologies to the private sector.

Predictive Analytics: Beyond Policing

The concept of predictive policing has been embraced by a growing number of law enforcement agencies as an effective tool to reduce crime rates and victimization. Predictive policing is the practice of applying analytical techniques to large crime datasets to enable law enforcement to identify where and when specific crimes are most likely to...