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The Benefits of Using PredPol Daily

Updated on December 27, 2017

We believe that it is important to note that PredPol does not reduce crime on its own. PredPol's predictive policing software requires the insight of veteran officers and crime analysts. We know that keeping your community safe is your goal, and PredPol helps achieve that daily.

PredPol is a daily operations tool, meant for use during each shift of each day.

Think of PredPol like a treadmill. You buy a treadmill because you'd like to better your health. Well, just because you now own a treadmill does not mean you will instantly become healthier; you have to put down the remote (or move it to the treadmill cup holder), and use the machine. Using the treadmill daily will improve your health, and hey! you may find some added bonuses-- more energy, or a leaner physique.

Using PredPol each day will enable your patrol to be more effective in preventing crime, but it also has the added benefits of:

  • getting your officers out into the community
  • data storage
  • heat mapping
  • Command Analytics for resource management and decision making

Screen Shot of PredPol Command Analytics

UCLA professor Dr. Jeff Brantingham explains the importance of daily use in the following videos:



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