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We've Heard You!

Posted on Aug 25, 2015 9:47:57 AM in Uncategorized

The results are in....

Thank you all for filling out our crime analyst survey!

Your favorite PredPol features are:


Your least favorite task is: Collecting & Inputting Data

What you'd like to be doing more of:

Crime & Data Analysis

How does PredPol play into this?

  • Crime Search helps you search and map crimes instantly.
  • Hotspot mapping at the click of a button.
  • Crime data collected instantly through your RMS.
  • PredPol prediction boxes
  • CSV daily export
  • Oh, and Crime Search helps you search and map crimes instantly.

But wait, did I mention Crime Search?


This tool allows our user with permissions of Analyst, Command, or Admin to view the crimes contained within the PredPol database. This will allow one to verify that the crime information sent to PredPol is correct. If you need to make changes, simply update the record on your side and the change will propagate to the PredPol side within a day or so, depending on the age of the crime.

Crime Search is a robust tool that allows one to search on crime types, districts, violation codes, event descriptions, dates, address, or incident number.


To begin, simply click on one or more fields and enter the search term. Both the crime types and district fields are drop down menus, allowing one to search from the list of districts or crimes respectively. The date field supports natural language entries such as "last month", "this year", yesterday, and so on.


Once you have made your selections, click on search and the results will start appearing below. You may also view the results in a map.


You may download your results in a comma separated value format (spreadsheet) by clicking on the CSV button. Otherwise, you may scroll down to see further results. Results will be limited to 5,000 returns. To view more results after 5,000, refine your search further.


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